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Earth Surrounded With Garbage; Video Captured From The Space Will Shock Everyone

There was a time when we worshiped nature and humans loved it in abundance. There was more hard work at that time but the earth was not in as much trouble as it is today. Man is increasing his facilities through science but he is not paying attention to what is happening to the condition of the earth. You must have seen garbage spread on the earth many times. From normal waste to electric waste, the health of the earth has been spoiled, but today we show you how much waste humans have spread in space.

Earth surrounded by satellites and garbage

In the video going viral, you can see that the Earth is rotating at its own speed. Like a ball, some things are rotating rapidly around the Earth present in the center. Some are close and some are far away and are rotating in a circular circumference. This is not a cosmic event but it is space junk spread in space. With the development of science around the earth, garbage is also spreading in space. These colorful looking things are a web of satellites and space junk, between which the Earth is entangled.

Video is going viral

This video has been shared on social media platform X with an account named @latestinspace. The video has been viewed by millions of people and thousands of people have also liked it. Commenting on this video, people have expressed grief over the fact that the Earth is facing the same fate in space too. One user said- This is very scary.

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