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Why A Lemon Kept Inside Sold For More Than The Cupboard; Know Amazing Reason

We often call a thin person either a sucked mango or a juiceless lemon. If we look at its meaning, everyone knows that it happens due to meaningless things. Recently a story completely opposite to this has come to light. In an auction in Britain, the price of a lemon without juice is more than we can even imagine. Now the question arises that if this lemon has no juice then why was it priced so high. To know the answer to this question, read this news article of Shabd Chakra till the end…

It is often seen that things which seem completely useless turn out to be valuable in auction. Even if these things look common or junk, their price will surprise you. One such case has come to light from England, where old cupboards were being sold. Interestingly, a lemon kept inside the cupboard was sold for more than the cupboard.

Many times, some things are sold in auction for lakhs of rupees, from which there is no hope. One such lemon has currently been sold for Rs 1.5 lakh. You must be thinking that the lemon must have been something special, that its price was so high. You will be surprised to know that there was nothing like that. This was a common lemon, but its price in the auction was Rs 1.5 lakh.

Old wardrobe was for sale, lemon was sold

This auction held in England is in discussion. You will be surprised to know that an old and dried lemon kept here for 285 years was auctioned for more than Rs 1 lakh. The lemon is approximately 2 inches long and was found in the cupboard here during house cleaning. During this auction held in Brettels, it was told that a man found it kept in a small 19th century cupboard of his uncle. When the auctioneer was taking pictures of the cupboard, he came across this 285 year old lemon. The lemon had turned black.

cost more than the wardrobe

A special message is also written on the lemon – ‘Given by Mr. P. Lou Franchini to Miss E. Baxter on November 4, 1739’. It is believed that this lemon might have been brought from India to England as a romantic gift. When the lemon was put up for auction, it was estimated that its price could range from Rs 4200 to Rs 6000. However, when the auction started, the lemon was sold for Rs 1.47 lakh, while the cupboard was sold for only Rs 3360.

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