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Most Comfortable Job: Take A Bath For 35 Minutes A Day And Get 40 Thousand As The Salary

At one time farming was considered superior, business was considered mediocre and job was considered inferior. It is not so now. There are such jobs in many places, knowing about which it is natural for you to be surprised. Today we will discuss about a job in which you will have to stay in the bathtub for only 35 minutes and for this you will also get a good salary. Why isn’t this an interesting job? Let us know about it in some detail…

According to the report of Daily Star, at present the job of Bathroom Quality Assurance Tester has been announced. In this you will not have to do much work, rather you will have to work only for 1-4 hours in a week. The good thing about the job is that it has the facility of freelancing. You do not have to be bound by any one contract or bond. It is a different matter that you are being paid handsomely for this.

You will have to work from the bathroom

Often you must have seen that to do a job one has to go to the office or do office work at home for hours. A company named Bathroom Deal is offering such a job in which the job has to be done from the bathroom. You will have to use the company’s budget friendly products in the bathtub and give its feedback. The company’s bathroom expert Warren Kinloch says that through the feedback of bathroom quality assurance testers, the company will be able to deliver good products to its customers with more confidence.

This is the complete rule of unique job

The age of the person applying for this job should be above 18 years. You can apply by answering some questions in the form available on the company’s website. The job has to be done from your home, however once a month the company’s professionals will come and change your bath accessories. You will be given Rs 40 thousand per month for this work. For this, you will have to take bath for 1-4 hours a week i.e. minimum 35 minutes daily. During this time you can watch TV or do some other favorite work.

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