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Amazing Video Of The Earth From Space, Here Is The 360 Degree View

You must have seen many beautiful pictures of the Earth from space, but the Earth is not completely visible in any photo. Because no such picture was taken. For the first time, a picture of the Earth has been captured from a 360 degree angle, it is being described as the most beautiful picture of the Earth. In this she looks very lush and attractive.

Chinese technology company Insta360 had sent a camera into space on January 16, 2023, by installing a camera on a satellite. The beautiful pictures of the Earth captured through this camera are amazing in themselves. There is also a moment in the video captured from a distance of 300 miles from the Earth, in which our Earth is visible from all sides.

The picture looks very beautiful

In the picture of the Earth that has come out, its view is being taken through a satellite revolving around the green Earth. You must have also seen the pictures and videos captured by NASA. Similarly, you will see it in this picture also. When asked how these pictures were taken without light, Insta360 told The Sun that the light show on Earth is possible due to a magnetic field created by energetic particles.

This work was not easy

Insta360 has claimed that for the first time an open camera is working in space. This has never happened before. This mission is being completed by taking more than 12 months. Although there is a constant risk in this, as long as both the cameras and sensors are still working fully and incredible pictures of outer space are being seen.

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