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Know Which Country Is How Much Corrupt? Where India and Pakistan Stand?

The list of the most corrupt and least corrupt countries of the world has been released. In the list of 180 countries, Somalia, Syria, Yemen are among those countries where corruption is highest. At the same time, Denmark, New Zealand and Finland are among those countries where there is least corruption. If we look at India, there was a decline of 8 places and it reached 93rd position. Know how to know how much corruption is there in a country, what types of activities are counted as corruption, how the report is prepared.

How is a country decided how corrupt it is?

Transparency International is an international non-governmental organization headquartered in Berlin, Germany. Every year the organization releases a Corruption Perceptions Index, which mentions the state of corruption in countries around the world. This index shows the level of corruption in countries around the world.

There are also our own standards to decide which country has the most corruption. Now let us know this also. This organization includes 3 types of data to detect corruption in a country which is collected from 13 different surveys and institutions. Organizations like World Bank and World Economic Forum are included in this. Apart from this, experts and businessmen from different countries are also talked to.

The data coming from these different parts is calculated and the rank is prepared. In this way, countries are said to be more corrupt or less corrupt according to the circumstances there.

180 countries are included in the list of Transparency International Organization. Many countries are not involved in this, it does not mean that there is no corruption there. Actually, those countries have not been included in the list because sufficient data has not been received from there to describe the situation. Therefore they were not made part of the index.

What is the condition of the countries of the world?

The higher the rank in the index, the more corrupt that country is considered to be. For example, Finland has rank 1, which means it has the least corruption in the world. At the same time, Somalia is at 180th position. This means there is maximum corruption here. In the list of 180 countries, more than two-thirds are countries where the situation is not good. India is at 93rd rank and Pakistan is at 133rd rank. If we compare the index released last year and this year, it becomes clear that most of the countries did not take very effective steps to stop corruption in the public sector.

Which things are counted as corruption?

Corruption does not just mean giving bribe. While making this index, many things are considered part of corruption. Such as misuse of public funds, personal use of public office, increasing corruption in public sector, implementation of such rules in public sector which encourage corruption, appointment of relatives in civil service, filing of corruption cases. Taking legal action against those involved. Apart from this, the list is prepared on the basis of many such cases which are directly affecting the public.

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