After Ram Mandir Pran Prathista Pakistan Reached UN; For Other Muslim Sites

New Delhi. Ram Mandir Controversy: After the construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya, now the issue of Gyanvyapi Masjid in Banaras and Shahi Eidgah in Mathura is also heated at this time. In the report of the Archaeological Department of India released on Thursday on Gyanvyapi Mosque, it has been clearly stated that the mosque was built on the pillars of the temple. In such a situation, it was certain that there would be panic in the neighboring country Pakistan. According to the news of Pakistan’s Dawn News, the Pakistani government has now raised this issue with the United Nations (UN). Pakistan’s Ambassador to the UN, Munir Akram, expressed his frustration by writing to the Secretary of the United Nations.

Everyone knows what is the condition of Hindus, Christians and other minority communities in Pakistan. Despite this, Pakistan does not shy away from interfering in the affairs of other countries. Instead of improving its economic condition, Pakistan’s focus is more on spreading terrorism in other countries. In the latest episode, Pakistan’s permanent member in the United Nations, Munir Akram, said in a letter to the Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations Alliance, ‘I said in my letter that the consecration of ‘Ram Mandir’ in place of the demolished Babri Masjid is a disturbing example of Hindu majoritarianism. This trend is a significant threat to the peace and harmony of Indian Muslims including their social, economic and political well-being.

Pakistan’s panic

Munir Akram said that I have drawn his attention to the dangers of desecrating mosques and other holy sites and sought his intervention to protect Islamic heritage and places of worship in India. Let us tell you that after the consecration ceremony of Ayodhya Shri Ram Temple, Pakistan was badly shaken. A press release was also issued by the Foreign Department of the neighboring country expressing its disappointment over this.

Issue raised in OIC also

He had also talked about the future danger regarding Gyanvyapi Manjid and Shahi Eidgah in Mathura. Later, at the behest of Pakistan, OIC (Organization of Islamic Corporation), an organization of 57 Muslim countries, also condemned the construction of Ram Temple on the Babri Masjid site.

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