A Company Is Giving Rs 62 Lakh On The Birth Of Every Child; This Unique Offer Is Running In This Country

The increasing population has become such a big problem that in India and China, the most populous countries in the world, the process of encouraging people for family planning is going on. On the contrary, there is a country where people are encouraged to have children. The amazing thing is that a company here has started a special offer for its employees. This company gives Rs 62 lakh to the parents of every child on the birth of his child. Now everyone would be curious to know in which country this strange offer is running.

Let us tell you that this company named The Booyoung Group is working in the field of construction in South Korea, but in recent times this company is being discussed a lot due to a special reason. A press release has also been issued by the company. It has been made clear that if a child is born in the house of any employee of the company, he will be given 100 million Korean Won. According to Indian currency, this amounts to approximately Rs 62.34 lakh. The special thing is that for this special kind of incentive, the company has set aside a separate budget of Rs 43.6 crore, under which from the year 2021 till now, the company has been given incentives on the birth of 70 children.

Here is the reason behind this unique offer

As far as the reason behind this unique offer is concerned, South Korea is currently Korea has the world’s lowest fertility rate of 0.78 and according to Statistics Korea, it may decline further. Due to this, people in the country are being given incentives for having children. This construction company The Booyoung Group is also running a similar scheme.

Confirming this, the company’s chairman Lee Jung Kyun says that this benefit is being given by the company to both male and female employees. This financial assistance will help the employees in raising children and they will produce more and more children. Not only this, the company is also providing the facility of choosing between a rented house and Rs 1.8 crore to employees with three children. For this the company has built 2 lakh 70 thousand houses.

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