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An Airport, Which Is Becoming An Alien Base; Mysterious Black Plane Seen Once Again

Something very suspicious is being seen at Stansted Airport, one of the busiest airports in the United Kingdom. This is not the first time this is happening, this scene has become common here. According to the report of Mirror, after the mysterious black craft was seen at London’s Stansted Airport, an appeal is being made to the British government to investigate the matter.

Was UFO seen in the sky?

When the Ryanair plane was flying in the sky at a speed of 230 meters per hour, it saw a black mysterious plane within its 20 meter range. It is being told that this is the 27th such mysterious ship seen in Essex in the last 6 years. People have been calling it UFO i.e. flying saucer, which even the drone monitoring system is not able to detect. According to reports, the pilot described it as a black colored aircraft, which was coming from north to south. Another report states that the color of such flying saucers is glowing green and they get lost in the clouds.

Airport becomes a base for aliens!

Stansted Airport serves 27 million people annually. Many pilots flying airplanes here say that they see flying saucer-like objects in the air. Sometimes they are seen 500 feet below the aircraft and sometimes 20 meters ahead. Nike Pope, who was in the UFO Investigation Unit of the Defense Ministry, described these incidents as interesting and said that the government should take them seriously. Not only this, 9 UFOs have been seen within two and a half kilometers in Leeds. It has often been claimed that flying saucers have been seen here.

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