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Theft In A Unique Way! 133 Tons Meat Stolen To Buy Fridge, Laptop, TV And Other Luxurious Things

A unique theft case has come to light from Cuba. 30 thieves stole about 133 tonnes of chicken from the government cold store and sold it in the city and bought refrigerators, laptops, televisions and air conditioners. The big thing is that the thieves used 1,660 white boxes to carry out this theft.

In fact, after the revolution of Fidel Castro 60 years ago, a cold store was built by the communist government with the aim of providing food to every citizen of Cuba. It is being run by the communist government. Officials have not revealed the exact time of the chicken theft, but they noted fluctuations in the temperature of the cold storage around 2 a.m. and CCTV footage showed trucks loaded with chickens moving away from the site. Many employees of the cold store have been accused of being involved in this theft.

On the other hand, Cuba is going through an economic crisis. Due to which the country is facing shortage of food, fuel and medicines. Subsidized goods given by the government are often reaching the public late. Because of which citizens have to find other options to cover their expenses. There has been a sharp increase in crime along with the economic recession in Cuba since the COVID-19 pandemic, although reports of such major thefts are still not common on the Caribbean island.

Rigoberto Mustelier, director of COPMAR, a government organization that provides food to the people, said that the amount of chicken stolen was equivalent to one month’s ration of a medium population state. According to the report of news agency Reuters, if the suspects are found guilty, they could be jailed for up to 20 years.

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