Hungarian President Resigned And Said-I Made A Mistake; Know Why?

Budapest. Hungarian President Katalin Novak has resigned from her post. Caitlin Novak announced her resignation on Saturday. In fact, he forgave a man who had hidden the sexual exploitation of minors by his boss in 2022. After this, protests started all over the country and Caitlin Novak had to resign from the post of President.

The President himself announced

Novak said Saturday, “As head of state, I am addressing you today for the last time. I am resigning from the office of the President. To those victims who may have felt that I was not standing up for them. I I was, am and always will be with the children and families.” He also gave his message to the public by posting on his official social media account X.

Protests increased demanding resignation

In April 2023, Novak married Andrey K., the former deputy director of a children’s home. Was forgiven. According to news agency IANS, the apology was revealed by local news site, following which protests broke out in Budapest on Friday demanding his resignation. In fact, Pope Francis visited Budapest in April last year. During the same period, while President, Caitlin Novak had waived the punishment of the deputy director of the Children’s Home.

Law Minister also resigned

Caitlin Novak was on a visit to Qatar, but after the protests escalated, she immediately returned to Budapest and announced her resignation as soon as she returned to Hungary. Hungary’s Law Minister Judith Varga also resigned soon after the President’s resignation. It was Judith who approved the pardon of the convict. However, the opposition is still adamant on demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Viktor Orben.

PM Orben will review the matter

To calm the growing opposition to the government in the country, PM Orban has recently said that he will re-review the provision of amnesty for those convicted of child sexual abuse in the Constitution. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Facebook on Thursday that he has submitted a constitutional amendment on behalf of the government to stop granting amnesty to perpetrators of crimes committed against minors. Orbán said, “There will be no mercy for pedophiles.”

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