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A Strange Graveyard, Where No Human Can Be Buried Because This Is For Machines Only

You must have heard about the huge cemetery in which millions of people are buried, but have you heard that machines also have a cemetery? This is so quiet that no human being comes there? You will be surprised to know that this place is so far from human contact that to reach here quickly, one will have to become an astronaut. From this place, not earth but space is closest. This quiet place located in the Pacific Ocean is said to be the most remote place on earth. This place is also called the graveyard of space vehicles, because there are so many space stations and vehicles buried here that you cannot even imagine. It is scheduled to retire from service in the next few years by International Space Station (ISS).

More than 260 spacecraft are buried here

In fact, whenever a spacecraft or space station malfunctions or its time is over, it is brought from space and dropped at this place. According to the report of a website called LadBible, between 1971 and 2016, more than 260 spacecraft have been buried in this ‘cemetery’. The name of this unique place is ‘Point Nemo’. It is named after Captain Nemo, who was an explorer.

This place is closest to space

If there is any place closest to Point Nemo, it is space. The International Space Station and the astronauts living on it are about 250 miles away from this place, while the nearest piece of land to it is the small Ducie Island, which is more than 1,600 miles away from here. That is why it is said that you will reach space in much less time than the time it takes you to reach the nearest piece of land from Point Nemo.

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