The Real Life Baahubali; Loaded So Many Mattresses On The Bike That People Are Seeing With Dazzled Eyes

These days, such a video is going viral on social media, seeing which you too will say that this is the real Bahubali. When shown in Prabhas’s film, it was fake. This video has been uploaded on Instagram by a user named @leswestafs, who is said to be from Africa. In this video, a person is carrying a lot of mattresses on a bike-like cart. Even so many mattresses cannot be loaded easily on a truck. However, two people on the right and left are balancing the cart.


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People Like The Video

Now people are liking this video which is going viral. It has been viewed millions of times till now. At the same time, many people are also sharing. Not only this, hundreds of comments have also come after watching the video. One person wrote, what flexibility! Imagine what Africans could not do if we provided some means to facilitate their activities and their lives. So another has written that Africa has some tremendous talent. At the same time, another user says that never say that anything is impossible in Africa.

Questions Also Raising

However, some people are also raising questions regarding this video. One user has written that this video is not from Africa, because no bike of this brand runs in our country. So a person has asked about the musician of the song playing in the background of the video. By the way, let us tell you that people get this type of bike modified to use it as a cart, so that they can easily carry the goods. Many such bike-like carts will be seen in Delhi-NCR.

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