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Man Followed Google Maps Stucked At Such A Place, Needed Police

A strange incident has come to light near Ooty in Nilgiris. Where a person used Google Maps to reach his destination quickly. After which he got into trouble. According to the news going viral on social media, due to following Google Map, the man’s Toyota SUV got stuck in the middle of the stairs, after which a team of policemen and volunteers together carried out the rescue.

The incident gained widespread attention after a video capturing the unusual situation went viral on social media. In the footage, it can be seen that the SUV is being carefully taken down the stairs and back onto the proper road by a group of rescuers.

Many Google Maps users expressed their concerns, citing similar issues with the navigation app. Sharing his experience, a user named (@awesh) said, “I have recently been facing an issue with Google Maps. It sometimes shows roads that can only be accessed by bike. “Google Maps should be able to recognize when accessing it via CarPlay and display roads that are suitable for cars by default.”

User Sabari Iyer (@SabariIyer_mdu) mentioned a horrific incident in 2016. “I had a similar experience, but that is towards Kodagu. I and two of my friends were traveling from Bengaluru to Kodagu, and it was dark and almost midnight. We entered a forest, and the map showed us “Leaded to a cliff. Luckily, we sensed something was wrong and got out of the car to investigate. When we realized we were over the edge, we immediately backed the car around.”

Addressing the man’s strange position on the stairs, a third user questioned, “Granted, Google Maps is wrong, but was the man driving with his eyes closed? Otherwise it was not possible that he could not have seen the stairs.” !”

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