Do You Know? Where America, Britain And India Stand In The List Of Most Educated Countries?

Education is an issue which is very important for the development of any country. Whenever developed countries are mentioned, the names of educated countries also automatically start emerging in our mind. In these countries, the names of America, Britain or India, which is called Vishwaguru, are often in everyone’s mind, but the real reality is far away from this. In this list, America and Britain are not even among the top five countries, while India is not even among the ten. Now the question arises, then which are the countries that are so educated, that they are leaving behind even these giants? This news article is the answer to your question.

Let’s know the complete list…

  • In fact, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) had released the list of the world’s most educated countries in the year 2018.
  • The first name in this list is Canada. Canada has the highest number of educated people at 59.96%.
  • Japan is at second place with 52.68% literacy. Luxembourg comes at third place.
  • South Korea at fourth and Israel at fifth, where the literacy rate is 50.12 percent.
  • In this list, America is at sixth place and Britain is at eighth place.
  • Australia is in ninth place with 49.34 percent literacy rate.
  • The surprising thing is that India is far behind even these. The name of this country is not even included in the top ten countries.

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